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Reference Name of Publication Date View Details
Drug alert no 12/2014 Drug alert class 2 no 12 2014: action within 48 hours [ViroPharma SPRL - Buccolam] 28/07/2014 pdf icon view details
PCA(P)(2014)17 Pharmaceutical Services: Community Pharmacist Practitioner Champions 25/07/2014 pdf icon view details
Levonorgestrol and ulipristal remain suitable emergency contraceptives for all women regardless of bodyweight 24/07/2014 pdf icon view details
PCA(D)(2014)07 General Dental Services: 1. amendment no 127 to the Statement of Dental Remuneration; 2. error in amendment no 126 to the Statement of Dental Remuneration 23/07/2014 pdf icon view details
Drug alert no 11/2014 Drug alert class 2 no 11 2014: action within 48 hours [Wockhardt UK Ltd - Amoxicillin Sodium] 22/07/2014 pdf icon view details
PCA(O)(2014)04 General Ophthalmic Services: 1. increase in NHS domiciliary fees; 2. increase in the continuing education and training allowance; 3. increase in the pre-registration supervisors grant 21/07/2014 pdf icon view details
CMO(2014)21 Changes to the shingles (herpes zoster) vaccination programme in 2014-15 18/07/2014 pdf icon view details
PCA(D)(2014)06 Roll out of defibrillators to independent dental practices providing NHS General Dental Services (GDS) 18/07/2014 pdf icon view details
CMO(2014)22 SMASAC, short life working group report on lymphoedema - lymphoedema care in Scotland, achieving equity and quality 18/07/2014 pdf icon view details
Support for nursing and midwifery students in Scotland 2014/15 18/07/2014 view details

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