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Reference Name of Publication Date View Details
PCA(M)(2014)12 Influenza and pneumococcal immunisation directed enhanced service 23/10/2014 pdf icon view details
PCS(AFC)(2014)03 Textual changes to Agenda for Change handbook 22/10/2014 pdf icon view details
PCA(P)(2014)22 Pharmaceutical Services: amendments to Drug Tariff: discount clawback rate Pt 7 generic drugs 16/10/2014 pdf icon view details
PCA(P)(2014)23 Additional Pharmaceutical Services: Public Health Service Directions 2014 16/10/2014 pdf icon view details
CMO(2014)27 Guidance for doctors completing Medical Certificates of the Cause of Death (MCCD) and its quality assurance 16/10/2014 pdf icon view details
Drug alert no 15/2014 Drug alert class 4 no 15 2014: caution in use [Beecham Group PLC and Beecham Group LTD trading as GlaxoSmithKline UK - Amoxil Vials for injection 500mg and 1g Augmentin Intravenous 600mg and 1.2g] 15/10/2014 pdf icon view details
PCA(D)(2014)10 Practice premises revaluation exercise: 2014/15 08/10/2014 pdf icon view details
CMO(2014)26 Ebola outbreak in West Africa 08/10/2014 pdf icon view details
CEL(2014)19 Mental Welfare Commission report: Specified Person monitoring 03/10/2014 pdf icon view details
The prevention and management of falls in the community: a framework for action for Scotland 2014/15 03/10/2014 view details

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