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Health Professionals

Topic Area

Charities & Voluntary Organisations
Not-for-profit and charitable organisations that have an interest in health

...Heart conditions, cancer, eyecare, Parkinson's disease...

...clinical diagnostics, radiology, ProMed Mail, MRSA...

Education and Training
...Health Service related courses, training facilities...

Health Care Quality, Access & Evaluation
Guidelines, Best Practice, EBM,Clinical Governance

Health Personnel & Health Occupations
Chaplaincy, Specialities(Medical), Specialities (Surgical)

Health Promotion
..breastfeeding, child health, travel health, cancer.

Health Services Administration
Planning,administration and delivery of health services

Medical Informatics & IT
National information and technology projects and initiatives

National Health Programmes
...Telemedicine, GPASS, Nursing Research Initiative.

Keep Informed

NHS Scotland local, national and support organisations.

Public Health
...antenatal care, mental health, sexual health, palliative care.

...BNF, Concordance, Pharmaceutical societies and services.

Research & Media
News media, Library Resources, Journals, Portals & Search Engines (General, Medical), Medical Reference

Surgical Procedures
...needlestick injuries, sterile services, Opthalmic oncology.